Fooled me once, shame on you. Fooled me twice, shame on me.

Klavish Faraj

Listen up so you don’t get fooled. This will be a straight to the point, informative blog post that’ll make you google, to confirm, the facts that I’m about to lay out to you. I feel like one in three women commit to shellac/gel nails. Please text them the link to this post NOW! Did you know the name, shellac, derives from the lac bug which is found in the forest of India and Thailand? The deposits of this insect are collected, turned into tiny flakes and used among many industrious. In grocery stores shellac is sprayed on fruits, like...

Thanks Dolly! No More 9 to 5.

Klavish Faraj

As I walked the streets of East Nashville this past weekend I was filled with such positive emotions. The Shops at Porter and Fatherland are filled with local business owners chasing a dream and setting a culture of support. Shopping local is more than finding a unique good. It is supporting an individual that has worked hard to promote, nurture, and provide character to a community. When you shop local you are receiving better customer service, investing in your community, creating more job opportunities, keeping tax dollars in your city, and collecting a rare product that is filled with love....

F’ Toxins, Get Money

Klavish Faraj

I often times hear people express how expensive it is to switch to a cleaner soap, organic foods, or even nontoxic polish like Júwon Enamel. However, the end of 2018 really made me challenge this thought. An unexpected, extremely costly, “minor” sinus surgery followed by an infection, had me on bed rest for the final couple of weeks of 2018. Medical bills, prescription medication, and coordinating surgical procedures in order to get the “best bang for your buck” with my insurance policy brings realization about how these problems could be prevented. We use every day toxic cleaning products, light candles...

Av-Gotto Feel Good

Klavish Faraj

We all get it this time of the year; that dry, sandpaper, hard to bend your fingers alligator skin. If all you want for Christmas is some relief then we are here to rescue! We have created an immediate relief oil that is great for elbows, in between fingers, cuticles, and anywhere else.  This Avocado base body oil is mixed with lavender and cotton seed, packaged in our nail polish container, easy to apply without that greasy-oily feeling, and smells just as natural as it is.   Click the link to purchase yours today:


Klavish Faraj

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High school was the time of my life and I would wake up with excitement to socialize with friends, dress in my finest attire, paint my face with makeup, and throw on a hip purse, that is until my mom forced me to carry a backpack. If I did not have my backpack at school my mom would give me a strong stare and harsh Kurdish words during lunch because she was my cafeteria lady (I know, talk about high school nightmare). Keep in mind this is 05’-09’ and backpacks aren’t nearly as hip as they are right now. So,...