What’s Your File Letter?

Klavish Faraj

Nail filers are something you probably never over taught. One of my pet peeves is when a corner of my nail pulls my hair or grabs a hold of the lint off my shirt. Nail filers are such a small, easy tool we can add to our daily beauty routine. They are transportable and can be used anywhere at any time. So, take the test to find the best file for your needs!   Are you an A, B, or C type of filer? Let’s find out! 1. What’s your natural nail type?A) StrongB) WeakC) Natural nails? I’m committed to...

Júwon Meets Molly Green!

Klavish Faraj

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We have a special guest on this blog post!  Júwon is a huge fan of Molly Green and intrigued by the local owner, Brittany Hartwell. We reached out to Brittany to gain insight on how she started her business and what advice she has for upcoming entrepreneurs. Read more about our interview below! Júwon means beautiful in the Kurdish language. It is an extremely popular name in our community and at times a lot of people in public refer to me as “Júwon” when my name is pronounced “Guh-Luh-Vish”. Did you get the same with Molly Green? Why did you...

Only 6 Months Remain

Klavish Faraj

Can you believe ½ of 2019 has already come to an end. What now? Reflect back on those resolutions and goals you set for yourself. It’s time to be in full throttle mode and completely crush those goals. As I am currently reflecting back on the resolutions I set for myself at the beginning of the year I noticed that I started with categories; personal, relationship, work, and continue…  I am glad to say I accomplished my work goals which were to create a nail polish remover for Júwon and quit teaching. Our Soy Lavender Nail Polish Remover smells amazing...

“Guh-luh-vish” to Genet

Klavish Faraj

I experienced my first Eritrean wedding and had to change my name to fit the look! My best friend, Semhar, got married and was soooooo Júwon! She didn’t just look beautiful you could see she truly felt beautiful. Semhar was far from Bridezilla. She was calm, collective, and having a good time. The first night, Friday, was spent celebrating at the groom’s parents’ house. The ceremony was held the next day, followed by a beautiful reception at Nashville’s Omni Hotel. There were 700+ guest there! We spent Sunday blessing the couple in traditional Eritrean attire. We actually changed our fits...

The Gift Giving Guide

Klavish Faraj

Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, Eid, Ramadan, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and much more! What do all these occasions have in common? Yep, a token of appreciation! These are all times when we recognize a person we care for and show our appreciation for them. Gift giving, or shopping for one, doesn’t always come easy, and if you are unsure about what to give someone then providing him or her with a self-care opportunity is the way to go. I often times forget to get a massage, pamper myself with a manicure or pedicure, ease the...