Black Lives Matter

As I rewatched the movie The Help I couldn’t help but recognize a common threat white people said to blacks, “now don’t make me call the police.”

Police may provide security to some, but the history of police presents is entitled to create fear among blacks. George Floyds death rocked the nation and spoke volume. Black Lives Matter and they continue to be taken, not by the will of god, but by the will of lighter skin humans. Where is the humanity?

We were all created uniquely. Each person with a Júwon personalized set of features. No one human looks exactly the same and that’s the beauty of the diversity within our creation.

Júwon Enamel recognizes the death of black lives by white people, and police, as modern-day lynching. This is murder and justice should be served as 1st degree murder. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and are here to support.


Peace, Love, and Unity

Júwon Enamel

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