F’ Toxins, Get Money

I often times hear people express how expensive it is to switch to a cleaner soap, organic foods, or even nontoxic polish like Júwon Enamel.

However, the end of 2018 really made me challenge this thought. An unexpected, extremely costly, “minor” sinus surgery followed by an infection, had me on bed rest for the final couple of weeks of 2018. Medical bills, prescription medication, and coordinating surgical procedures in order to get the “best bang for your buck” with my insurance policy brings realization about how these problems could be prevented.

We use every day toxic cleaning products, light candles full of chemicals, pour poisonous oils into our diffusers which impact the air we breathe in our own homes. We mushroom our skin with heavily perfumed lotions, insert tampons that contain pesticides and a chance of a toxic shock, and apply aluminum filled deodorant under our arms that block pores and good bacteria from doing their job.

I wondered how could the Food and Drug Administration allow this?

I found that beauty products are free to do and insert whatever they’d like in their products? The last, and only time, the FDA regulated a cosmetic act was in 1938 (holy shmokes that’s over 80 yrs. ago) and it states that falsely packaged or mislabeled products are illegal. Organic and natural labels are exempt and are permissible to print on products, even if not true. Another shocker is that recall on products or monitoring the dangers of ingredients within any cosmetic product is mentioned as exempt in this one and only law.

Can you believe my husband lost all his hair at the age of 26? He strongly believes the products he used had a large impact on the rate of his hair loss and regrets not being more cautious. We’ve both committed to living a cleaner, more organic lifestyle because the pain, cost, and fatigue associated with surgeries, pharmaceutical medications, and doctor visits is more harmful than the extra dollars on organic blueberries or nail polish.

So next time you have doubts about purchasing a cleaner product due to price think about those prices compared to healthcare cost that could potentially be avoided. A $10 polish cost less than a $3,949 average day in a hospital.

We invite you to join our 2019 movement and start going clean by using code “FREESHIP”, the month of January, on any of our nontoxic polishes today. 

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