Fun Facts

We use our nails to peel an orange, hold the clip part of a necklace, or to scratch an itch. The creation of humans having fingernails is debatable. Some may believe it’s an evolution of claws. Others believe everything is created for a purpose and nails serve as protection and health indicators. Whatever your belief below are some fun facts about our nails!

Fun facts about nails:

  1. Your fingernails grow a whole lot faster than your toenails do. It takes about 6 months for your fingernails to grown from base to tip. It takes about a little over a year for your toenails to grow from base to tip.
  2. New nail cells grow under your skin and push the dead ones out. These dead ones are the ones we see and paint. Having dead cells as our nails is the reason why it doesn’t hurt when we cut them short.
  3. Humans start growing nails at 20 weeks in the womb.
  4. A man, by the name of Valentine Forgerty, patent and created the “first” nail clipper in 1875.
  5. Revlon became the first creator of nail polish. Cars were being painted in the 1920’s and they wanted to create a similar product in the beauty world.

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