“Guh-luh-vish” to Genet

I experienced my first Eritrean wedding and had to change my name to fit the look! My best friend, Semhar, got married and was soooooo Júwon! She didn’t just look beautiful you could see she truly felt beautiful. Semhar was far from Bridezilla.

She was calm, collective, and having a good time. The first night, Friday, was spent celebrating at the groom’s parents’ house. The ceremony was held the next day, followed by a beautiful reception at Nashville’s Omni Hotel. There were 700+ guest there! We spent Sunday blessing the couple in traditional Eritrean attire. We actually changed our fits 3 times that day and witnessed the groom becoming a man by shaving a tad bit of his hair off. By the end of the night the bride wore a shelled vest to sanction the couples future full of kids.

I am truly thankful to have such a diverse circle and appreciative for the experience. Semhar is my childhood friend that has seen a lot of my toughest times. She’s my big sister that speaks to me in such an empowering and uplifting way and I was honored to be her matron-of-honor.

I think I was actually more nervous on Semhar’s wedding day than my own. All the bridesmaids were literally shaking watching her walk down the aisle (we still don’t know what we were so anxious about lol). And of course, I had to ensure my nails looked great.

I chose to wear Elegant and it was the perfect fit for the event. Elegant is such a classic nude. It gives your nails a nice, clean, smooth look. I had a couple of guest mention how they thought my nail polish was gel. Júwon Enamel is Gel-Like, which means the polish looks, feels, and last just as long as gel without the harsh chemicals. I always take my polish with me whenever getting a manicure and pedicure and ensure the technicians let the coats dry in between applying another layer. I even bring Júwon Enamel’s In A Hurry to seal and shine the color and help dry the polish in less than 5 minutes! Having pretty, clean nails always gives me a boost of confidence. 

“It isn’t about the way it looks, but the way it makes you feel.” 

Does your culture have wedding rituals? Is there a specific nail polish color you like to wear for special events? Comment below and be sure to see pics from the event!



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