Hacking Your Way to Healthier Nails

I started Júwon Enamel because of how fragile my nails are. I am not born with strong, long nails. My nail beds are too short, too wide, and too dry. Growing them out has always been a real struggle and whenever I would use toxic polish my nails would ache and itch.

Of course, committing to wearing only non-toxic, 5 free polish made a world of a difference. Júwon Enamel prevents any yellowing, peeling, chipping, or aching of my nails.

In addition to using cleaner polish, I also bought a pair of rubber gloves and placed them next to my sink. I’m a sucker for eating homemade meals which means I wash a whole-lotta dishes. My gloves have been the biggest hack to my healthier nails. Ever since I’ve started wearing them my nails grown stronger, no longer peel, and my hands aren’t as dry either.

What hacks do you have for healthier nails?


  • Sooo glad to hear that! Using non-acetone polish remover that is oil based is another hack that I forgot to mention! Thanks Dilman.

    Klavish Faraj
  • After using the Juwon polish remover I’ve noticed my nails are so much shinier. They don’t feel dry and brittle like before when I used regular removers. I am obsessed with this product!

    Dilman Yasin

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