Halal vs. Breathable


The most frequently asked question about Júwon polish is, “Are these polishes halal?” We understand the Islamic faith consist of five pillars and one of the five being prayer. With that being said, women that practice the Islamic religion are restricted from praying with nail polish. Before Muslims begin praying they must ensure their body is free from dirt and wash every body part in a sequential manner. This routine wash is called wudu.

What does wudu have to do with nail polish? Well, when conducting wudu one must ensure water is touching every nail. However, nail polish shields water from seeping through and the wudu is unaccounted for preventing Muslim women from praying.  

Júwon Enamel to the rescue because a solution has evolved! We have worked with our laboratory and chemist and created a polish that is prayer permissible. We refer to it as Breathable polish because its ingredients work as a stain instead of a layer. The concept is identical to the usage of henna. Henna is a plant based dye that could be applied to skin, hair, and nails. This dye leaves a reddish-orange tint and is permitted during Islamic prayer because water passes through the color.

Not only are these breathable stains an option for Muslim women, but also for those that wear nail polish on a daily basis. Have you or a friend ever broke a bone and had to wear a cast? If not then lucky you! If you have then you know the skin looks completely different, once the cast is removed, due to it being covered for a long period of time. The skin is dry, flaky, weak, sore, and discolored and requires time and oxygen to recover and BREATH. The same concept applies with nails due to extended nail polish wear.

Breathable polishes are nail stains that allow the nail to continue to receive air even with added pigmentation. Halal polishes are nail supplies that lack meat products prohibited in Islamic religion, such as pork, and must be prayed upon before slaughtered. All vegan products are halal because they comply with Islamic laws.

Júwon Enamel currently carries 100% halal nail polish but avoids the advertisement to prevent confusion among halal vs breathable lacquer.

We are proud to announce that we will expand our nail line and add breathable stains as well! Look for these breathable polishes in Spring 2018!  

Also, be sure to watch the video collaboration (posted above) with Sameera Durani, YouTube vlogger and founder of KOH mugs, to prove breathable stains work exactly like henna and are prayer permissible. 


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