Getting More Bang For Your Buck!

We always paint our nails in hopes of long lasting polish. Júwon Enamel ensures you will get "more bang for your buck" following these steps! The flat stemming brush and round, even bristles makes painting easy and the quality provides enduring wear. 

Use these steps below to aid your nail polish application and keep your nails strong, radiant, and long-lasting!

    1. File, shape, and ensure your nails are clean
    2. Apply an extremely thin layer of 2-In-One Base/Top coat and let it completely dry
    3. Apply an extremely thin layer of Júwon Enamel color of choice and let it completely dry (repeat this step for light colors)
    4. Apply an average layer of the color of choice
    5. Finish off using In A Hurry or the 2-In-One Base/Top coat
    6. Let it dry for 5 minutes and feel the beauty!

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