Humbly Humiliated

Júwon Enamel is truly different! The name, story, lack of chemicals, and prevention of animal cruelty are evident measures of uniqueness. However, its shine, duration, and application of durability are what really make this product stand out compared to others.

Shine: Júwon Enamel polishes shine more than regular polish. Its thin coats harden and add strength to nails that provide that gel-like feel and look.

Duration: I have tested each color to ensure long-lasting wear. These products have been applied to different nail types (oily cuticles, fast growing nails, fragile nails, nails that experience toil through house/labor work) to provide consumers with a reliable time frame for how long the product is expected to last. After collecting data, 1-2 weeks is the expectation rate of durable application.

Application: Júwon Enamel should be applied with thin layers because it hardens and darkens once dried. Think of gel polish, nails must sit under a UV light (extremely bad for skin) to speed up the drying process before adding a second coat. Júwon polish must be dried as well before applying a second coat however UV light is unnecessary. The polish dries within minutes and provides the same strength and color as gel polish.

Since the launch of my business I have discreetly made manicure/pedicure appointments at surrounding Nashville salons and used Júwon Enamel products (without mentioning I am the creator). I made a promise to myself to stay true in my beliefs and reach salons that ensure every customer feels beautiful, values the products customers bring to them or are available, and are educated on the importance of applying clean products.

I had been humbly humiliated at two local salons in particular. The technicians at both salons were unaware of 5-free polish and refused to believe the negative effects of using regular polishes. How could professional technicians lack the importance of educating clients on the chemicals contained in regular polishes? How have they not heard of 5-free? This is like a Best Buy employee that’s unfamiliar with the latest iPhone. I tried telling the technicians, at two different salons, that the polish must dry before applying a second coat. I explained that gel-like polish must be applied like gel polish, but without the UV lights. These horrific experiences worsened when I was seated under the drying table for over 15 minutes and the polish never dried because the first coat was still wet when a second layer was applied (this happens to gel polish as well!)

One of the two salons corrected the problem and actually decided to finally listen to my directions. They were in awe with the results and I desperately refrained from saying “I told you so.” However the other salon decided to place another coat over the polish that never dried, the manager came over to inform me that she had never heard of gel-like polish, refused to believe any of it, and caused a scene while not allowing me to leave even after I had paid and respectfully insisted that I wanted to leave without polish.

These humbly humiliating situations made me realize how exclusive Júwon Enamel products truly are. This isn’t ordinary nail polish. It is exactly what it is branded as; 5-free, animal cruelty free, vegan, gel-like polish. You must try it to believe it and ensure it is applied correctly (refer to Getting More Bang For Your Buck! blog).

You deserve to know the real truth about the products you use on a daily basis. Suggestions, next time you are at your local nail shop ask the technician if she knows the ingredients in products that she promotes, is aware of chemicals that cause yellow and flaky nails, has read the story and knows of the founder of the product they use. My mission is to educate and provide affordable, clean nail products to all and humble humiliation will strengthen this goal and may educate nail shop owners in the process.

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