Need Nails?

Everyone has them, some are stronger than others and some are longer than others… What can they be? Nails!

Nails are made of keratin, a fibrous protein, and requires work to keep them healthy. Let’s talk about the five parts that make-up your nails.

  1. Nail plate: the part of the nail you can see
  2. Nail folds: skin around nails
  3. Nail bed: skin that covers new nail growth
  4. Cuticle: tissue that forms from new growth of nails
  5. Lunula: white, half-moon seen at the base of your nail

Knowing your nails is important because they are health indicators. White nails can identify unhealthy heart conditions. A darker color tip, also known as Terry’s Nails, can indicate liver disease. Purplish nails show iron deficiencies and anemia. These are conditions that we know can form from nail polishes that are not 5-free (read Change Your Polish and Save Your Livers).

Well how can we get healthier, stronger, more beautiful nails?

A simple solution is ensuring you consume a positive diet.

Collagen peptides have become very popular to increasing protein intake to boost skin, hair, and nail conditions. Consuming two scoops a day of this flavorless vitamin infused powder is said to improve hair, nails, skin, metabolism, digestion, joints and bones, athletic abilities, and sleep. We recommend the Vital Proteins Collagen.

Another tip to growing and keep beautiful nails is to trim them often. Trimming your nails before they break is important because they prevent peeling layers of nails and activate a more even growth making nails strong. Ensuring your nails are trimmed, or filed often, prevents bacteria build-up and fungal growth because often times that’s where build up starts.

We all clean our homes and that often times requires washing dishes, using bleach to scrub toilets and baths, and dusting off table tops and televisions. We must remember to protect our skin and nails by wearing gloves because cleaning products are high in chemicals and weaken nails and dry out skin. This is the most important factor of growing healthy, long nails! So, next time you wake up to start your weekly cleaning or daily dish washing routine be sure to protect yourself with rubber gloves.

Using moisturizers that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, consuming biotin, avoid cutting cuticles, and maintaining a healthy diet are additional factors to growing and keep nails long and healthy. Need nails? Try these tips to get em’ and let us know what you recommend as well!

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