Same Ol' Ish...

Ever work for a company that “starts something new” and learning more about it you realize it’s what your firm has been doing but with a new title and look.

That’s exactly what nail shops/product companies are doing. Gel, acrylic full sets, acrylic dips, and overlays work the same way and that’s why they require soaking in acetone to remove. If you have ever received one of these popular services then you know the damage they’ve cost your nails. Technicians will try to explain the difference between these services but, other than price, there isn’t a difference.

When gels, acrylics, and dips are applied they go through a process called polymers. This is a chemical reaction that bond short chains of molecules into long ones hardening and solidifying the application on nails.

Don’t get fooled by the up price of one service compared to the other. Our founder, Klavish Faraj, was working as a receptionist at a nail salon when gel products were released. Everyone was willing to pay for this “safer” product and believed it was a cleaner solution compared to acrylic because of the cost difference. All owners wanted to provide this to customers for competitive reasoning and boost of business. These fraudulent products are extremely toxic and misleading. Yeah, it’s nice to have polish that doesn’t chip for a longer duration or nails that appear long, but is it really worth it?

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