Stepping Stones Toward the Paved Road

Switching from toxic products has just got even more real for us. After my husband and I find out we are expecting a baby girl we took caution up a notch in our house. Of course, Júwon Enamel preaches the benefits of using healthier, cleaner nail products but what’s next?

I truly am a foodie and love licking my fingers after every Hot Cheeto I toss into my mouth. So, keeping clean nails is the perfect start to maintain a healthier you, inside and out. However, there is still so much more we are doing to prepare for our little pumpkin.

The air we breathe, chemicals we clean with, candles we light, food we eat, lotion we use, and so much more has such a huge impact on our bodies. It is unrealistic (at least for me) to just toss out all your bleach products and fragrance candles and wake up saying, “Today is the day I practice a cleaner lifestyle.”

The approach we took was to replace the products we needed to re-up on with brands that are known to be safe. For example, when we ran out of All Purpose cleaner we spent a couple dollars more on a less toxic brand. Yes, it cost more but if we all agree to support smaller businesses and brands that can produce more cleaner products that’ll result in additional wholesale sells and they’ll eventually be able to sell for less.

Change takes time so be easy on yourself. Let’s continue taking stepping stones to a paved road to succeed in living a cleaner lifestyle!

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