Thanks Dolly! No More 9 to 5.

As I walked the streets of East Nashville this past weekend I was filled with such positive emotions. The Shops at Porter and Fatherland are filled with local business owners chasing a dream and setting a culture of support.

Shopping local is more than finding a unique good. It is supporting an individual that has worked hard to promote, nurture, and provide character to a community.

When you shop local you are receiving better customer service, investing in your community, creating more job opportunities, keeping tax dollars in your city, and collecting a rare product that is filled with love.

Leaving a regular paying career, like teaching, that provides benefits, security, and retirement is scary. It’s easy keeping an 9-5 and guaranteed a biweekly check. However, I can no longer work for a district with beliefs that do not align with my own. Teaching will always have a big part in my heart and working with children is my soft place. Now I am dedicated to teaching a range of ages on the importance of using cleaner products.

I have committed numerous hours to planning, networking, learning how to use social media, creating a website, taking photos, ensuring all legal matters are obeyed by obtaining a business license and paying federal and sale taxes, setting up vendor booths, responding and sending emails, creating more polishes and increasing what I have to offer, and so much more because cleaner nail polish is a topic I want to bring attention to. Working at a nail salon through-out my college years and noticing how little nail technicians know about their field of expertise and the harsh chemicals being applied to the fingers we lick when eating good, ol’ hot chicken (sorry that’s the Nashville in me) is heartbreaking and alarming.

When you purchase Júwon Enamel products you are investing in this movement and belief as well. When you email, DM, or see me at a booth you are talking directly to the creator not a paid employee. When you receive a shipment it was me, Klavish Faraj, that bubbled wrapped the product, wrote a personalized note, and shipped it.

Let’s support one and other more and invest in what we believe in! Buy a product today to help support this movement, entrepreneurship, and an immigrant, six year public school teacher, chasing the American Dream.

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