The best, and first, Mother's Day ever!

Life before Rona’ seems like a blur. I would faithfully commit one day a month to myself. This means I gathered the polishes I wanted for my nails and headed over to a local nail salon. This means I’d have 2 hours to be selfish, relax, and enjoy ME time.

Since the stay at home order has been mandated all salons have been closed. My heart goes out to all the self-employed workers, healthcare providers, grocery store employees, package deliverers, truck drivers, the food industry and everyone that has been severely impacted by COVID.

The nation is split between opening too soon to help the economy or staying shut to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, also known as Corona Virus Disease 2019.

Views aside, your girl still has to maintain her nails. Ya feel me?! 

My first Mother’s Day I was showered with gifts from my siblings and sister-in-law that live in Tennessee. Each one of them shipped me something special. My sister Mush sent the cutest earrings that remind of my Pieces constellation. My brother Redeer gifted me with a gold bracelet with a lira coin and Meera with a palm pendant and the letter of his first name on a chain for her to cherish. My sister-in-law Bana sent me a care package filled with clean bathing products. My youngest sister Dealan bought me a pair of Brooks and…

an at home spa tub! I had never used one before, so I was skeptical to start because I assumed that it would be a messy hassle. I sure was wrong.

First, I put my baby girl to sleep. J

Then I grabbed a towel and placed it under the Conair Foot Spa with Vibrating Massage. I filled the tub with a handful of Epsom salt and really hot water (because that’s how I like it). Before soaking my feet into the tub, I grabbed my Pumice Stone and then sat to relax.

I pressed the on button and dipped my feet into the hot water while catching up on Insecure and sipping my evening chai. Once I finished my tea I scrubbed the bottom of my feet, soaked for as long as I wanted, and then dried with a towel when I was all done.

Simple. Easy. Clean.

I highly recommend the Conair Foot Spa with Vibrating Massage that cost around $70 on Amazon! Júwon Enamel is in no way sponsored or endorsed with this product. This blog post and review is solely based off of personal trial. If you do choose to try it out yourself be sure to comment and share your experience and thoughts!

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