Your Valen-TIME

This Valentine’s Day show yourself how much you love you! We’re here to help share five cheap and easy ways you can celebrate this year.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday and many of you may be working and possibly want to start your Valen-TIME shenanigans that evening or even the next day. Regardless of when the festivities start for you here are some tips to love yourself.



Refocus yourself and remove all toxic energy by practicing meditation. You can roll out a yoga mat or sit on the floor or in your bed. Meditation is hard because our minds will unconsciously drift away, and you can find yourself thinking of all the things you need to do. This beginner Barbie meditation video can help with that and will leave you feeling good.


Paint your own nails and use our In A Hurry polish to help them dry quicker. Manicure and Pedicure combos are costing around $50 now-a-days. You can save your money and enjoy the therapy of strokes while at home in your pajamas!


Use a jade stone or roller to massage and smooth out your face. This Chinese “medicine” provides positive energy and restores your skins natural glow by stimulating blood flow and circulation.


Sip on Chamomile Tea to lay back, relax, and enjoy the evening. Research has shown that this at home remedy helps reduces anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling revitalized and fresh.


Stay in and turn off. You can stay in and turn off your phone while Netflix and Chilling! Valen-TIME Day is your time to tun out the world around you and binge watch some shows.


You can also share this day with special ones in your life and that may be a spouse, family member or your girlfriends. Just keep in mind to take care of yourself so that you are able to love and take care of others as well. Enjoy your Valen-TIME! 

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