We’re Moving, Again!

In the midst of launching an upcoming line and restocking our sold-out polishes we decided to move again. This was an easy decision for us to make for many reasons. 

Since leaving Nashville and moving to Louisiana times have been tough, not just for us, but the nation. America is dealing with social justice issues, inequality, the Black Lives Matter movement, and a pandemic. I gave birth to my Meera in Nashville in February and finalized my Louisiana move 2 weeks postpartum. As soon as we settled in Louisiana the pandemic reached a concerning point and everything was shutting down; hotels, restaurants, gyms, bars, libraries, offices, jobs.

All of my product was still in Nashville and with the help of family and friends shipments were made possible. I was communicating orders to my youngest brother nightly. We would Facetime and I’d walk him through proper packaging, shipment labels, and order confirmations. It was tough for him because he’s a 16-year-old that is far from passionate about nail polish. So, I passed the torch to my youngest sister, Dealan. Well, she had a full-time job of her own, so this became a burden for her. My family was never opposed to helping but I don’t want “employees” that don’t enjoy their job, ya know?

A couple months ago, my husband and I received a job offer we couldn’t turn down! This time it was an international position and it has always been a dream of ours to live abroad. Without hesitation we accepted the position but didn’t mention anything to anyone because we like to keep our lives private until everything is 100% settled and guaranteed and with the pandemic our move keeps pushing back. We are excited about the next chapter in our lives and still want to keep this move and our next location as private as possible but did want to share Júwon Enamel’s status and that’s why I decided to write this post. We still do not have a set-in stone move date and aren’t ready to publicly announce our destination. I have received a flood of emails and DM’s asking when we will restock, and the answer now is “I don’t know.”

I have decided to sell all my products to Batch Nashville in the Farmers Market because moving internationally, finding a new home in a new country, with an infant is tough and hauling a large load of polishes doesn’t make it any easier.

This is not the end of Júwon Enamel, but instead a pause on the brand until we resettle. I have plenty of options, like hiring employees in Nashville and managing virtually or working and selling abroad. A couple options is better than no options.

I have learned a lot about running a business. The most important thing to note is you do not bring money home to pay the bills any time soon. All the money I made from Júwon I put back into Júwon. Now that I am moving and wrapping things up with the business this is the first time in 3 years, I will actually use business money for personal expenses. Another aspect on any business is the impact social media can make. You must be weeks ahead of the game when creating content. I was creating videos, post, blogs in advance and informing my followers through different platforms and that requires energy and time at little to no cost. Commit to social media because it will pay off! And lastly, have fun! Enjoy the business process. I can’t tell you how many blogger events and pop-ups I did. My agenda was slammed Monday to Monday with meetings, to do list, and so much more. I truly enjoyed meeting a variety of people with diverse backgrounds.

One of the things I miss most about Nashville is the diversity. There is a diversity in the food that Nashville offers; Kurdish, hot chicken, healthy, vegan, brunch, American, Italian, Indian, gyros, dive bars, sushi, burgers. I mean name that food and Nashville has it and it’s ALLLL so good! Nashville offers an unlimited number of things to do like hiking, biking, shopping, museums. I’ve lived there for 28 years of my life and we plan on making that our forever home location but in the meantime my husband and I are ready to explore outside our comfort zone and grow.

When Júwon Enamel relaunches I know there are some changes I’d like to make. I want unique bottles and packaging, to be more inclusive in community/school events, and provide a more developed hiring process to find dependable employees to attend pop-up events and deliver shipments. I’m giving myself a couple years to plan things through and bring Júwon back to life so stay tuned. This isn’t a good but a see you soon!

- a message filled with love and beauty ❤️


  • I’m so happy for you guys!Wish you all the best.❤️

  • Im so happy for you guys! I hope everything goes as planned for you guys and y’all deserve the happiness in life… can’t wait to see what’s next!! ❤️

  • We love and support you all the way! Best of luck with everything!

  • I am sooo happy for you! You deserve nothing but the best! Excited to see what’s next for you and your sweet family! :)

    Dilman Yasin

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