What’s Your File Letter?

Nail filers are something you probably never over taught. One of my pet peeves is when a corner of my nail pulls my hair or grabs a hold of the lint off my shirt. Nail filers are such a small, easy tool we can add to our daily beauty routine. They are transportable and can be used anywhere at any time. So, take the test to find the best file for your needs!


Are you an A, B, or C type of filer? Let’s find out!

1. What’s your natural nail type?
A) Strong
B) Weak
C) Natural nails? I’m committed to gel/acrylic

2. Do you tend to have nail parties and share your products with others?
A) Yes, I love a girl’s nail session
B) No, I usually keep my nail care to my self
C) I never paid attention to who uses my beauty products
3. How often do you want to change your filer?
A) As often as possible, I prefer quantity over quality.
B) Can I have a one and done?
C) I’m worried about my gel pealing. Can I skip the file?
4. What direction do you file?
A) One direction
B) Both directions
C) Wait, I’m supposed to file my nails?
5. How often do you paint your nails?
A) Do I have to take my polish off?
B) I give myself a 1-2 day break every week.
C) I love my nail tech!


Ready for results? Count you’re A’s, B’s, and C’s.

Mostly A’s)

Emory Board: These are the traditional cardboard nail filers with adhesive sandpaper on both sides. They work great for strong nails and people that love to share their nail polish collection because they are easy to throw out and extremely cheap! While using an Emory Board nail file you’d get best results by filing in one direction to prevent your nails from splitting.

Pro: affordable, works for all types of nails

Con: durability and last


Mostly B’s)

Glass: You’re the type of person that wants to invest in their nail products. This high-quality file is perfect for weak nails. It is easy to clean and sanitize and will smoothen and close the tips of your nails preventing bacteria and dirt buildup. 

Pro: most hygienic, long lasting

Cons: expensive, can shatter (keep away from children)


Mostly C’s)

Metal: If it has been hard for you to steer clear of gel/acrylic/dip then this strong bad boy is perfect for you. Pro: used for thick durable nails

Cons: not easy to sanitize, not FDA approved due to the low grade of metal (not allowed in nail salons), doesn’t fit all nail types



So, are you an A, B, or C type of filer? Let us know below!



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