You have the same hours within a day as Beyoncé!

I once heard the saying, “I have the same hours within a day as Beyoncé and how I choose to use those hours are completely up to me.” This really stuck with me! We are all granted 24 hours in a day. Daily application of these hours looks different from person to person.

How do I manage running a nail polish company, teaching, traveling, working out, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and being active in my community?

Welp, let me mention I bite more than I can chew. I think I have a cape around my neck and tell myself “I got this” at least five times a day and must I mention I think I’ve done well thus far.

However, accomplishments derive from hard work, persistence, and passion.


Lately, my average work day looks like this:

4:30 am- wake up

5:00 am- arrive at gym

6:15 am- leave gym

7:15 am- leave the house after showering, getting dressed, painting on eyebrows, and packing my lunch/making a green smoothie. If I have extra time I usually clean, wash dishes, or fold clothes.

7:45 am- arrive to work after being stuck in Nashville’s horrific traffic

7:45 - 3:15 pm: teach

3:15 - 6pm:  attend after school or community meeting, work on Júwon Enamel, visit my family, go grocery shopping, and/or run errands

6 pm: shower (anyone else shower more than once?) and eat dinner

8:30ish: pass out and do it all over again the next day

In addition to living a crazy, busy life I have set a resolution to travel as much as I can this year. The goal is to come as close as possible to getting away and enjoying what life has to offer at least once a month.

Want to know where I’ve been since the start of 2019?

January: My husband and I met up with our couple friends from Arizona and Florida and hit the Big Apple, New York City for New Years!

A couple weeks later I found myself celebrating my besties bachelorette party in Jamaica!

February: My husband reproposed to me in Atlanta the weekend of Valentines Day. We were at the peak of Stone Mountain and that’s when he went in, on one knee, and asked me to remarry him all over again!

March: I tried celebrating my birthday with my brother-in-law in New Orleans. Oh boy, that was a fail. We arrived at the airport super stoked and pumped to see Mardi Gras in action with an itinerary full of things for us to do! While checking in we realized I booked the wrong date for my sister and husband. They’re flight was 2 weekends after ours. I felt horrible but they caught the next flight out to Vegas while we dipped out to New Orleans.

We came home for a while and then road tripped from Nashville to South Carolina to support a friend who was competing in a body building show. We then decided to hike in the Smokies before coming back home.

April – December: Who knows where I’ll be?

I say all this to say you live at your current age once. If you have a business idea, it’s now or never. What are you waiting for? The longer you wait the more time you give others to do what you’ve been wanting to start. You, and I, are not the only people that want to start a blog, open a coffee shop, lead a nail polish, clothing, or makeup line, or create an invention that none other has thought of. Others may have goals, visions, and dreams similar to yours and are entitled to beginning their mission. You snooze, you lose.  Seriously, because everyone is busy and that can’t be a real excuse.

Try to live your life to the fullest, while checking off goals, because like someone once told me, you have the same hours within a day as Beyoncé.

Check out our 2019 travel photos below!

(Brooklyn Bridge-NYC)

(Montego Bay- Jamaica)

(Stone Mountain- ATL)

(Bourbon Street-New Orleans)

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