You’re the Base to My Top Coat

Júwon Enamel has created a multi-purpose polish called 2-In-One-Base/Top Coat. Some may apply this as routine when polishing their nails, others to mimic what they’ve seen nail technicians at the salon do, and a few don’t apply it at all because they are unaware of the benefits.

Regardless this post is written in liaison to our mission: educate and provide affordable, clean nail products to all.  So let's get to the BASE of things.

I like to compare a base coat to a primer. Make-up artist and painters apply primers before beginning their projects. Makeup artist apply a primer to a naked face to even out and hydrate skin and ensure long lasting wear. Artists apply primers before painting to increase durability, prevent uneven application, and enhance base colors. A nailist (a word we’ve created), also known as one engaged in activity related to creating, wearing, or acknowledging art on nails, should use a 2-In-One-Base/Top Coat for similar reasons. When a base coat is applied to nails it increases robustness, aids smooth application, and enriches the color of choice.

Okay nailist now let's get in formation! The process of adequate nail polish application consists of an applied and dried layer of a base coat, 2-3 coats of a color of choice, and top coat to seal it all in place.

Top coats provide shine, longer lasting wear, and even smooth out the ridges, bumps, are streaks. Júwon Enamel’s 2-In-One-Base/Top Coat is a product worth investing in. A little polish can go a long way in anyone’s lifestyle. Polish can change your mood, confidence, and appearance. It isn’t about the way it looks, but the way it makes you feel.


Also, if you feel like you don’t have time to paint your nails then look into purchasing In A Hurry. This is a top coat that dries nails in less than 5 minutes!  

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