Av-Gotto Feel Good

Klavish Faraj

We all get it this time of the year; that dry, sandpaper, hard to bend your fingers alligator skin. If all you want for Christmas is some relief then we are here to rescue! We have created an immediate relief oil that is great for elbows, in between fingers, cuticles, and anywhere else.  This Avocado base body oil is mixed with lavender and cotton seed, packaged in our nail polish container, easy to apply without that greasy-oily feeling, and smells just as natural as it is.   Click the link to purchase yours today:


Klavish Faraj

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High school was the time of my life and I would wake up with excitement to socialize with friends, dress in my finest attire, paint my face with makeup, and throw on a hip purse, that is until my mom forced me to carry a backpack. If I did not have my backpack at school my mom would give me a strong stare and harsh Kurdish words during lunch because she was my cafeteria lady (I know, talk about high school nightmare). Keep in mind this is 05’-09’ and backpacks aren’t nearly as hip as they are right now. So,...


Klavish Faraj

We partnered with yogi, Rojeen Rahman (RojeenRahman), and Lifestyle Blogger, Sameera Durani (Sameera_Durani), and brought a literally lit event to Nashville! It was filled with a night of laughter, small bites, giveaways and much more.    We wanted to create a healthy environment for woman of all ages to come together and get in a good sweat while nail polish shopping, exploring the KOH Wisdom collection (@koh_wisdom), and purchasing Hello Well essential oils ( We were able to provide all babes with a free Rush Bowl (@RushBowls), mini oil, and Tatti Lashes (@Tatti_Lashes). Nuveen Barwari, creator of FuFu Creations (@FuFuCreations),...

Beauty Builds Confidence

Klavish Faraj

What does it mean to look beautiful? The definition and look are different for all, however the way it makes one feel is the same. Some women prefer short, sexy hair. Others add extensions to feel more beautiful with long, lavish hair. Do whatever rocks your boat and your confidence will shine.  If your confident and comfortable with hairy legs, then keep the razor tucked away. If you love to throw your hair in a ponytail, who cares, do it.   Knowing yourself without doubt is an essential part of life. We are living up to Instagram standards; through a...

Same Ol' Ish...

Klavish Faraj

Ever work for a company that “starts something new” and learning more about it you realize it’s what your firm has been doing but with a new title and look. That’s exactly what nail shops/product companies are doing. Gel, acrylic full sets, acrylic dips, and overlays work the same way and that’s why they require soaking in acetone to remove. If you have ever received one of these popular services then you know the damage they’ve cost your nails. Technicians will try to explain the difference between these services but, other than price, there isn’t a difference. When gels, acrylics,...