Change Your Polish and Save Your Livers

Klavish Faraj

Are you a nail or cuticle biter? Maybe your brush sways away from your nails when painting them and accidentally spills over the edge onto your skin. If you can relate, keep reading! Camphor is a toxic ingredient used in regular polish known to cause liver damage and seizures when orally consumed or in contact with skin. Heads-up because this substance that is used to bring shine and gloss comes with more than just that. Formaldehyde is a highly toxic, colorless gas that causes respiratory infections and is identified as a human carcinogen, which means it’s a substance known to...

Rihanna Said It Best

Klavish Faraj

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“OOOOO, Na Na What’s My Name? What’s My Name? What’s My Name?” One thing’s for certain: our founder’s difficult name! Her parents named her Klavish Ali Haji. Ali originating from her father’s first name and Haji deriving from his father’s first name (her grandfather). Her name has numerous pronunciations and makes it all the more confusing being spelled with the letter “K”. The western pronunciation of her name is “Guh-luh-vish”. This is the name she has been referred to her whole life. The authentic pronunciation and meaning of Klavish’s name varies across what part of Kurdistan one is from. Her...

Breathe, Escape, Explore

Klavish Faraj

We, at Júwon Enamel, are proud to announce the launch of our next line; Breathe, Escape, Explore! These colors will take you around the world and have you sense, feel, and experience all the beautiful scenes this earth has to offer. This line consist of seven breathable polishes and five regular colors. All the polishes are halal, vegan, and 5-free, but have an upgraded twist to them! We planned to launch this line in Spring 18’. However, after reviewing the great feedback we received from our customers and professionals we used the advice to improve our brand and ensure our...

Halal vs. Breathable

Klavish Faraj

  The most frequently asked question about Júwon polish is, “Are these polishes halal?” We understand the Islamic faith consist of five pillars and one of the five being prayer. With that being said, women that practice the Islamic religion are restricted from praying with nail polish. Before Muslims begin praying they must ensure their body is free from dirt and wash every body part in a sequential manner. This routine wash is called wudu. What does wudu have to do with nail polish? Well, when conducting wudu one must ensure water is touching every nail. However, nail polish shields...

You’re the Base to My Top Coat

Klavish Faraj

Júwon Enamel has created a multi-purpose polish called 2-In-One-Base/Top Coat. Some may apply this as routine when polishing their nails, others to mimic what they’ve seen nail technicians at the salon do, and a few don’t apply it at all because they are unaware of the benefits. Regardless this post is written in liaison to our mission: educate and provide affordable, clean nail products to all.  So let's get to the BASE of things. I like to compare a base coat to a primer. Make-up artist and painters apply primers before beginning their projects. Makeup artist apply a primer to...