You’re the Base to My Top Coat

Klavish Faraj

Júwon Enamel has created a multi-purpose polish called 2-In-One-Base/Top Coat. Some may apply this as routine when polishing their nails, others to mimic what they’ve seen nail technicians at the salon do, and a few don’t apply it at all because they are unaware of the benefits. Regardless this post is written in liaison to our mission: educate and provide affordable, clean nail products to all.  So let's get to the BASE of things. I like to compare a base coat to a primer. Make-up artist and painters apply primers before beginning their projects. Makeup artist apply a primer to...

Humbly Humiliated

Klavish Faraj

Júwon Enamel is truly different! The name, story, lack of chemicals, and prevention of animal cruelty are evident measures of uniqueness. However, its shine, duration, and application of durability are what really make this product stand out compared to others. Shine: Júwon Enamel polishes shine more than regular polish. Its thin coats harden and add strength to nails that provide that gel-like feel and look. Duration: I have tested each color to ensure long-lasting wear. These products have been applied to different nail types (oily cuticles, fast growing nails, fragile nails, nails that experience toil through house/labor work) to provide...

Getting More Bang For Your Buck!

Klavish Faraj

We always paint our nails in hopes of long lasting polish. Júwon Enamel ensures you will get "more bang for your buck" following these steps! The flat stemming brush and round, even bristles makes painting easy and the quality provides enduring wear.  Use these steps below to aid your nail polish application and keep your nails strong, radiant, and long-lasting! File, shape, and ensure your nails are clean Apply an extremely thin layer of 2-In-One Base/Top coat and let it completely dry Apply an extremely thin layer of Júwon Enamel color of choice and let it completely dry (repeat this step...