About the Founder

Born in Syria, raised in Nashville, and all Kurdish. Klavish Faraj didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, after graduating from grad school and applying and interviewing for over a dozen jobs that light became pitch black. She had always heard that going to college, graduating, and earning a degree will open many career opportunities. She had worked so hard to get to where she was. But where was she? She searched for over a year trying to put her degree, skills, and knowledge to use and failed to find a firm that would give her an opportunity. That’s when she took the initiative to build her own tunnel and crawl down it until she saw the light.
Júwon Enamel was then created.
She wanted to work in a field she was passionate about and stopped chasing money and models to become successful. Faraj began focusing on something more purposeful and relevant to her everyday life. She waned to embrace her embedded skills and characteristics and ensure to allow them shine throughout her journey that searched for passion, beauty, and character. Nail polish was the solution!
Growing up she had owned a large wooden box full of nail polish that grew larger every time she went to a Walgreens or Kroger. Faraj has visual memory of sitting in her parent’s living room every night watching the 10pm news while painting her nails. This passion expanded when she began her first job, at the age of eighteen, as a receptionist at a local nail shop in Nashville, TN. Her favorite part of the job was helping clients pick the color that best suit them. She would often take a guess at what they might choose. At the time she was too young to realize her psychological way of thinking, but as she became “older” she found herself intrigued with reasons for choosing specific colors. She may not have always guessed correctly. However, she did know every customer walked out of the nail shop more confident and prideful because they loved the way their nails made them feel and that was such an intrinsic reward for Faraj. Juwon Enamel isn’t about the way it looks, but the way it makes you feel.